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A Day With Hawks And Owls



A Photographic Tour Of Huron County
By Bill Diller

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The 280 acre Huron County nature Center offers many opportunities for personal enjoyment. Whether you come once a year, once a month or once a week, new sights and experiences await you each time.
     A walk on the paved handicapped accessible trail will take you through the unique dry swale and ridge forest habitat as well as lead you on a boardwalk detour into an interdunal wetland. Mighty oaks tower overhead and delicate flowers grow in the underbrush creating an exquisite contrast tin size and beauty.
     Hiking the longer wood chip trails takes you through the dry swale and ridge habitat as well as moist woods and various wetland areas. Several boardwalks along the trails make these wetlands accessible for your personal enjoyment and viewing pleasure. Benches can be found at regular intervals along the trails. These provide a nice place to rest, read a book or take in the natural splendor surrounding your

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Beautiful trails, handicapped accessible paved trail available and of course the beauty of the nature center is one great reason to make us a part of your walking program!

Give the Gift of Health and Fitness this Winter At The Nature Center!

atlassnowshoecompA1.rgb4.jpeg (84337 bytes)(ARA) - In many parts of the country, when the temperature drops, so does our activity level. When the snow falls it is often hard to participate in favorite activities like hiking, biking and swimming -- so a lot of people cocoon.      

     Inactivity often leads to weight gain and the winter “blahs,” but there is something you can do to brighten the outlook for yourself, your friends and family. “Give a gift that promotes health and fitness this holiday season,” says Karen Righthand, director of marketing at Atlas Snow-Shoe Company. “Pick up a pair of snowshoes for someone you love for a season filled with healthy fun.”

     Since anyone who lives in a cold climate can participate in the sport daily, snowshoeing has steadily been gaining in popularity with nearly six million participants in the U.S. “It’s like hiking, only you can go places you never dreamed possible in your hiking boots,” says Righthand.

      And while hiking will only burn about 340 calories per hour for the average person, snowshoeing will burn twice that: 680 calories. “Snowshoeing is the best bang-for-your-buck fat burning workout you can get in the winter time,” says Cathy Sassin, a world-class adventure racer, personal trainer and nutrition consultant who cross-trains year round.

     Not only do you burn calories, you improve your core body strength and balance, and get an aerobic workout. Snowshoeing raises your heart rate and compares favorably with activities such as running, swimming, cross-country skiing and bicycling. In fact, many cyclists, mountain bikers, trail runners and adventure racers snowshoe as a way to cross-train and improve their cardio fitness during the winter months.

     Snowshoeing can be done anywhere there are a few inches of snow on the ground. Backyards, local golf courses, hiking trail systems, national parks and forests are all accessible to people with snowshoes. The Huron County Nature Center offers many trails that are ideal for snowshoeing. The Center is open all winter for your outdoor enjoyment.

     “One of the great things about this sport is its affordability,” says Righthand. “You don’t have to pay a lift-fee each time you want to go down a hill, just strap on your snowshoes, grab your poles and get out there.” An added bonus, there are no limitations. Snowshoes can go anywhere your feet can take you -- where there is snow.

   So, this winter, give a gift that will be remembered and enjoyed for seasons to come. The revitalizing outdoor experience and fitness benefits of snowshoeing are guaranteed to provide the healthiest present of all for mind, body and soul. For more information, visit   or call (888) 48-ATLAS.

Courtesy of ARA Content

Snowshoeing 101: Getting Started

When you’re ready to go out and buy a pair of snowshoes, you need to know four things.

1. The weight of the person who will be wearing them, including their gear.

2. The type of terrain they will be snowshoeing on.

3. How the snowshoes will be used (on packed or powdery trails, deep terrain, mountains).

4. The facts for choosing the right snowshoe model. Leading manufacturers, Atlas Snow-Shoe Company and Tubbs Snowshoe Company, have created a system called “FACT” to help in this process:

F -- Flotation: This refers to the surface area of the snowshoe. Users should pick a snowshoe large enough to support their loaded weight.

A -- Articulation: A well-designed snowshoe binding rotates on an axis located under the ball of the foot to optimize stability and control. Ideally, the foot moves naturally toe to heel and flexes laterally side to side while keeping the foot centered on the snowshoe.

C -- Comfort: The fit, security, ease of use and support of the binding are essential to the snowshoer’s overall comfort and enjoyment.

T -- Traction: Crampons on the bottom of the snowshoe provide security for climbing, traversing and braking downhill.

Additional gear includes poles, which are great for balance and will provide an upper body workout, and of course warm clothes. There is no special footwear required for snowshoeing, however, it should be supportive, warm and waterproof.


Get Ready, Get Set, Get Healthy

10 Minute Walk In The Nature Center
= 50 Calories Burned!

(NAPSA)-Small changes that make you more active at home, at work, or with your children-along with better nutrition-can have a big impact on the quality of your life. According to the experts at the American Council For Fitness and Nutrition, achieving a healthy balance between daily activity and calorie intake plays a major role in how we look, think and feel. We all need to incorporate enough activity into our daily routine to utilize the calories we consume.
    Here are some examples of how small changes can make a big difference.

  • Try substituting diet soda for regular soda.

  • Go out and take a brisk 10-minute walk before breakfast, after dinner or both. One brisk 10-minute walk in the nature center = 50 calories burned.

  • Consider trying the reduced fat version of your favorite milk or cheese product.

  • Do a few sets of leg lifts or crunches while watching television. Instead of using the remote control, get up to change the channel.

  • Replace mayonnaise with mustard on your next sandwich. It will save 100 calories!

  • Mowing the lawn for half an hour = 150 calories burned.     Gardening for 30 to 45 minutes = 150 calories burned.

  • Vacuuming for half an hour = 100 calories burned.

  • Choose leisure activities that get you moving. Walk the dog, play catch, or plan trips with family and friends that involve activities, such as biking, hiking, swimming or skiing.

  • Add fruits, vegetables and whole grains to your diet.

  • Pour and measure your snacks so you know the amount you're consuming.

    Setting a good example for your children will help them live healthy, active lives. Start by limiting time in front of the television or video games. As a rule, sedentary activities should be limited to two hours a day, according to the American Heart Association. Other tips are available from the American Council for Fitness and Nutrition. ACFN is working to improve the health of all Americans-particularly youth-by encouraging a healthy balance between fitness and nutrition. To learn more, visit the Web site at Experts believe that being inactive can contribute to poor health-regardless of diet. Starting a waking program in The Nature Center will bring you and your family better health and a better appreciation of the beauty around us. Visit The Center Today!

Stop By Often, Have Fun and Support Your Nature Center Today!

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